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Witchy Moon Phases Tarot Bowl


You probably have a tarot deck you use nearly every day, or maybe a couple of times a times a week. You might keep it sitting on your desk, or your coffee table, or your nightstand, so it's always ready when you need a little cosmic guidance. Your favorite spiritual tool deserves a special place to rest, so elevate your deck's vibe by placing it in this cute, witchy little bowl. It's perfect for standard-sized tarot decks (4.75 x 2.75") like the Rider Waite Smith (pictured), Aquarian Tarot, Morgan Greer, Wild Unknown, etc.

For all the tarot readers out there, the design is on both sides of the bowl, so your client will be able to enjoy it, too.


White ceramic bowl, 4" diameter

Design on both sides in high quality adhesive vinyl

Clean gently with soft cloth only

In stock