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Mendocino Candle Co Ceramic 12oz Candle


Historic Mendocino Scent:

As the name suggests, this sultry candle delivers a time-travel to yesteryear and the rich and varied history that built Mendocino. Notes of pipe tobacco, weathered wood, the warmth of an old leather armchair, a glass of whiskey and the coziness of a wood-burning fire. This unique blend is a nod to the Victorian era of Mendocino and the rough-and-tumble homesteaders who lived here.

Spring Ranch Headlands Scent:

If you've ever been to Mendocino, chances are that you've walked the Spring Ranch Headlands trail. Sitting just South of the village of Mendocino, the Spring Ranch Headlands are a vast state park preserve with some of the most dramatic and picturesque ocean views around. Follow the trail from Highway One that meanders through cypress groves and fields of grasses and wildflowers to the craggy headlands and crashing waves below. If the tide is right, the tidepooling is excellent here. The latest addition to our Local Collection captures this place perfectly: with notes of cypress, a hint of early Spring wildflowers, salt spray and plenty of marine layers, this candle feels like a walk along this iconic Mendocino trail. 

Fern Canyon Trail Scent:

Inspired by local places and scents, Fern Canyon Trail depicts a walk in the woods on the Mendocino Coast. With essence of redwood forest, fertile earth and lush greenery, this candle transports you to the bounty of nature and time walking the iconic Mendocino trail it's named after, in peace.

Big River Beach Scent:

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Mendocino Coast and the wild natural world around us, the Local Collection highlights locations in Mendocino that hold a special place in our heart.

Big River Beach – our home beach, the gateway to Mendocino Village from the South and site of our daily beach walk. This beach holds so many joyful memories. This candle is packed with ocean energy – salty ocean air, verdant seaweed and crisp fresh, foggy breezes. It's grounding and earthy and marine at it's best.

Top: ozone

Middle: salt air

Base: kelp