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Dad Grass x George Harrison Signature Rolling Papers


There’s nothing ‘run of the mill” about these signature George Harrison rolling papers. Because sometimes you just gotta let it roll (among the weeds).

George didn’t put his signature on many products back in the day, but his family says he would have enthusiastically signed off on these packs of premium rolling papers. And there’s nothing run of the mill about them! The artwork transports us back to George’s time at his Friar Park estate, circa 1970, where he first began to cultivate his love for gardening and nature. The papers, well, they’re a bit more posh than what he and his friends were rolling with back in the day. Each pack contains 33 1 ¼” unbleached organic hemp rolling papers. Plus filters if that’s your style. We even added a magnet closure, because George would have kept it classy till the last doob.

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